How to clean out your Paddywax candle jars

So, we keep asking you to Recycle, Reuse and Rekindle your candle vessels once the last flicker of light has gone out but how do you clean them in order to be able to do that? There are many methods that work but we find one of the simplest and safest ways is as follows.

The first thing to do is remove the wick collar (the metal disc that holds the wick). This will usually just pull away from the base of the container, however if it needs a little more encouragement it can usually be loosened with a teaspoon and a bit of wiggling.

Next is the abstraction of the excess wax. You can do this by putting the candle jar in the freezer until the wax becomes cold and contracts. It should then just pop out if you gently tap the glass on a hard surface. If the wax is proving to be a little stubborn give it some gentle coaxing with a pallet knife or spoon (please don’t use any sharp objects).

Once you have removed the chunks of wax any additional residue should come away easily with a gentle scrub or wipe.

If you have been able to follow the candle burning instructions you should now be ready to reuse your candle jar. However if a candle has been left burning for too long or the wick hasn’t been trimmed it is possible black marks may be left around the inside of the container. If this is the case don’t worry they should come off quite easily with some good old washing up liquid and warm water.

Okay, you now have a gorgeously clean and empty vessel which is just asking to be Recycled, Reused and Rekindled.

If you’re struggling for ideas as to how to do this take a look at our blog ‘The Three R’s’.