The three R’s – reuse, recycle and rekindle

When it comes to being eco-friendly, Paddywax is ‘on it’. They use post-consumer recycled packaging, upcycled glass, lead-free cotton wicks, responsibly sourced wood from sustainable forests… they even plant trees!

When the team are developing their ranges they’re not only thinking of the product’s life as candle or diffuser, but also its ‘afterlife’. They consciously design beautiful vessels to encourage you to reuse, recycle and rekindle what can be, let’s face it, a rather sad looking jar once the last flicker of light has gone out.

The first thing you need to do is clean out your candle (you can learn how to do this from our blog ‘Housekeeping – How Clean To Out Your Candle Vessel’).

Once the necessary housekeeping part is done we have a few suggestions as to how you can reuse your Paddywax candle jars:

In the bedroom

Makeup and cosmetic brushes
Why not tidy away all those random eyeliners, eye shadows and lip glosses you have scattered around your bedroom into a Paddywax jar. Or, if you have as much makeup as me, into a few jars!

In the kitchen

Kitchen utensils
The large jars are great for holding spoons, pastry brushes, scissors, tongs – basically anything to help you de-clutter your kitchen drawers.

Relish, Hygge, Foundry and Eco Green jars can be made into caddies for tea, coffee and sugar. The 3.5oz Relish jars are perfect for herbs and spices, just tie a small label around the jar to avoid any confusion!

You can bring the beauty of your garden into the home by using our vessels as posy vases or planters.

Tea & Milk
Paddywax have excelled themselves when it comes to reuse with the Mesa range. The vessels literally are milk jugs and sugar bowls, and they’re stackable! You can mix and match to create the perfect colour scheme for your home.

In the study

My desk has had a mini-makeover since I have found a home for my paperclips, staples, drawing pins and pens. The colourful little jars also cheer my day up!

In the garden

T-light lanterns
Pop a t-light in your candles jars and dot them around the garden to create a lovely atmospheric glow at your barbeques and summer soirees

In the bathroom

Treasures and trinkets
We have a number of vessels that will look right at home in your bathroom. You can store all of those bathroom ‘essentials’ away or why not create a coastal theme by filling the jars with shells, pebbles and sand collected from special holiday destinations.

We hope we have inspired you to reuse, recycle and rekindle your Paddywax candles. We would love to hear (and see) any of your upcycling ideas!