Trend-led inspiration for the 2017/18 home fragrance market


Simple geometric shapes are stacked, layered or designed to fit perfectly together, creating designs that play with balance and perfect proportions. Circular volumes are key, while matte and shiny finishes add sophistication to minimalist designs.


Warm leathers, rich woods and patterns nod to old-fashioned book binding and inspire a masculine aesthetic that takes us back to old libraries and gentlemen’s dens. Discreet details such as stitching and studs add a precious look to products, and a leather-scented candle offers a more sensory take on this direction.

Earthy textures inspire materials with a raw look and coarse finish. Rough-hewn stone becomes a decorative feature to give products a primitive, untouched charm, or it is worked into terrazzo-like patterns. Tinted pigments create marbled swirls on smaller accessories, offering a more commercial direction.

Decorative accessories incorporate materials, colours and gritty textures inspired by urban environments. Composites explore colourful or monochrome speckled patterns, and metals have a sandy finish, reminiscent of asphalt. Polished concrete offers a more sophisticated look, and can come with a tarnished effect for a more urban edge

Glow/spring Iridescent direction

Tinted darks, iridescent effects and neon colours infuse glass and plastic products with Dark Wonder’s mysterious appeal, focusing on simple shapes that have enticing surfaces. Oil-like iridescent surfaces interact with light, creating a mysterious look across product collections. Glossy finishes have a liquid quality on materials such as glass and metal, while on matte products, a similar effect is reminiscent of the soft swirls of the Aurora Borealis.

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Designs focus on transparencies using plastic, resin or glass, and focus on the brighter colours from the palette. Volumes are playfully geometric, composed in multi-coloured collections. Tinted mirrors bring high-shine gleam to interiors, while lacquer enlivens wooden candleholders.


Indigo has been a key fashion trend and we are now beginning to incorporate it into fragrance & colour palettes.  Maritime influences can also be seen in the popularity of indigo, they become more prominent with deep, inky tones. Tones can be diffused or diluted – as if salt-washed – and appear in glazes, enamel, and in glass designs with rippling effects. Marbling offers an affordable way to create a similar effect.

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