Paddywax – Wabi Sabi

The team here at The Eclectic Lifestyle Company are super excited about the new Paddywax ‘WABI SABI’ range. Rustic simplicity or understated elegance? Or shall we just take pleasure in the imperfect? Whatever your thoughts we love this new collection of candles.

Inspired by the Japanese philosophy for a perfectly imperfect life. These aesthetically pleasing vessels teamed with some of Paddywax favourite fragrances will add style and colour to any room in the house. We are also sure you won’t want to throw this candle out once the last drop of wax has been burned. So here is a re-purposing tip: When the last flicker of light has gone out recycle, reuse and rekindle the vessel. It is perfect for nurturing small plants or for storing everyday essentials and personal treasures. Go green in style!