The idea for the Denik brand began when our founder was told that one of his drawings would look awesome on a note notebook. Seeing an opportunity to build a brand around creative, cause-based notebooks he and his co-founder gathered up a team of college students and set out to create change. They started gathering artists and designing notebooks – and with each item sold, a portion of the proceeds were set a side to fund the building of schools.

Since 2011 the vison has blossomed from a grass roots street team of book-slingers to a community of artists and creative professionals. The mission of ‘funding education projects through art and creativity’ has spread to artists, customers, corporations and partners worldwide. The Denik movement has successfully funded 5 schools as of 2018. Two in Mali, one in Guatemala, one in Laos, and one in Ghana. We continue to press forward with our hopes of showing people that ‘Art Can Change The World’

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