Shoe Shame Story

Our latest edition to The Eclectic Lifestyle Company is the award winning brand SHOE SHAME. With environmentally friendly formulations contained in award winning packaging; Shoe Shame is the coolest, cleanest and most giftable shoe care product around. With ultimate kits for sneaker freaks, to everyday maintenance and protecting products you can assure you are always box fresh. Below is a few words from the SHOE SHAME team.

We have a confession to make. We’re fanatics. And yes, perhaps our passion for sneakers defies reason. But here’s the thing. Sneakers come in all shapes and sizes – classic, iconic models all the way to the most innovative shoes out there. As we see it, there’s a pair just for you. So you can be the life and soul of the party, snappy at work, quick on your feet. Not to mention footloose a fancy free on your next date

Nothing (yes, nothing) saddens us quite like dirty, smelly sneakers. A style statement reduced to a pair of “worn gym shoes.” At first we thought people just didn’t care enough about their sneakers. But we soon realized neglect wasn’t the issue – it was a lack of knowledge and efficient products

Which brings us to why we’re on this planet: to create a range of easy-to-use products that keep your sneakers box fresh. So, no more scruffy-looking sneakers. But in case you lose your way our name will serve as a reminder. We are Shoe Shame.